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With years of experience in the Southwest Michigan housing industry, we can make what seems impossible a reality.  We have worked with area architects, general contractors and done dozens of turnkey projects throughout the region.  We are ready for your next challenge.

Want Custom Built?

Giannnola Construction would be pleased to build your new custom home. Building a new custom home is very exciting and involves many contractors and trades.  Because of this, it is very important that we can obtain as many specifications and details to more accurately create the home you want. This questionnaire will give you a guideline to create your desire to give a good starting point. After we have a chance to review this, we will work with you to configure your new home.

Feeling Cramped?

We Are Remodeling Experts

Sometimes, the ole' homestead is just too small to meet the needs of today's modern family.  The team at Giannola Construction Services has years of experience in designing and building additions or remodeling existing spaces, to make them usable for your family's needs. This questionnaire will give a good starting point as to what you are looking for and we can begin a quote for what you are wanting.

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